How can anyone love sunbathing ?

No human being in its right mind can put up with those unbearable tanning sessions.

I cant enjoy the hideous temperatures of those "lovely summer days".
I would rather stay at home than end up fried by the sun.

I warn you, the sun is no longer safe.
Not even with sunscreen.

Besides, we have to prevent premature skin wrinkling.

My conclusion:

Rosy white skin should come into fashion again ... 


Saturday night, im walking home, both hands busy with marquet bags.My hair is a mess and im wearing my glasees.Its hot, i went out with a pair of flip flops, a regular hippie skirt and a basic t-shirt.I look hopeless but i feel great.

Next corner, the church.

The sidewalks are full of guests and cameraman. Bright lights all over the main entrance.

A beautiful vintage car with a big white ribbon tied on its roof is parked in full view.

Old people arriving early, they walk hand in hand with the matures.They are all so elegant, men in suits, women in sparkling gowns.The air is filled with a mixture of soap bath fragance, and french perfumes.I 

feel so dirty.

I cant wait to take a fucking bath.



Im your carrier and im your victim.  I always wonder... will you go away or i will just have to live the rest of my life with your weight over my shoulders ?(Or i should say hips ?) Why dont you get mad at me as i get mad at you ? Please ....i beg you to leave me. Ok, at least we could try to get along better dont you think so ? If only i knew i would be your last prey.


This is about a boy in his bedroom who poses in front of the camera. You can see him awkwardly holding in his outstretched hand. And about a girl. Shes having her hair done, she has been doing it for hours. They will take a hundred photos until coming up with one they are happy with, which inevitably looks nothing like them. And after they are done poring over images of themselves, they will post one on their myspace page or their facebook album. Then they will write something like ' I don't give a fuck what you think about me.'


J'ai perdu l'innocence.

Je vais oublier le temps perdu.

J ai trouvé le sens à ma vie!

Maintenant, j ai une incroyable machine.

Move On


The first house moving i had in my life was as soon as i was born. For obvious reasons i dont have any reminiscence of that time.All i know is that i was carried from one tiny place to another without being asked or told.  

The second... that was a good one !!We were living all pilled up in a little apartment and we moved into a rented house. It had a big playroom, a garden and a swiming pool !

The third.

We moved into an even bigger house.We actually bought it.It had everything anyone could ever dream.But living there we lost the only thing that ever had a mean.

The forth. 

It was absolutelly unexpected.I volunteered to take care of my brothers place for some months.It really toughened me up.And i never went back to my paternal house.

The fifth and last.

My own house.I couldnt be the least excited when i moved into my actual place.It was a big step and i was terrified.

Fortunately...that first stage is over.And i have “lived happily everafter ...” la la la.

Nowadays i am not planning nor willing to go anywhere.

But no matter our willing, there will always be one last involuntary moving !

Although we shouldnt  worry about it, in that place luggage is allowed.